The Firebase Movement is a network of US-based missionaries, local churches, and houses of prayer that have joined together to see day and night worship and prayer raised up to fuel the Great Commission and to see the church empowered and equipped to engage our culture with the gospel until the return of Jesus.


The Firebase Movement has been called to mobilize the church to the heart of God for intimate relationship with Him and mission. We have three primary mandates from the Lord.

Prayer in Minneapolis


We have been sent by the Lord to establish a place of day and night worship and prayer in the Twin Cities. A resting place for God that will shift the spiritual atmosphere in our region.

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Ministry Outreach in Saint Paul


We have been sent by the Lord to preach the gospel to every man, woman, and child in the Twin Cities and to activate the local church to do the same.

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Church Outreach in Minneapolis


We have been sent by the Lord to disciple the church into a maturity so that she can fulfill her destiny by completing the Great Commission and preparing the earth for the return of Jesus.

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This is the substance of the FIREBASE movement. These are the aspects of God’s heart that He has called us to manifest and give away to the family of God.


God created us for an intimate relationship with Him. The Kingdom cannot be built outside of close personal fellowship with Christ. We must pray His prayers. Love Him with His love. Say the things He is saying, and do the things He is doing. As we abide in the vine, we will produce eternal fruit that remains.


We need to grow in the knowledge of who God is. Knowing Him, we come to know ourselves because we were made in His image. Only when we know who God says we are will we fulfill our destinies and complete the Great Commission from a place of rest and sonship.


God is a family. At the center of the Universe and all of eternity is a love relationship between a Father and a Son. We have been invited into that because of the cross. We get to experience and give away healthy family.


We were made to spiritually multiply. These were the first words out of God’s mouth and give expression to the design intention of our maker. We partner with Him to restore humanity to the Father one heart at a time. This is why we were made and why we exist. To preach the gospel and make disciples until the Great Commission is completed and Jesus returns.