We have been sent by the Lord to preach the gospel to every man, woman and child in the Twin Cities and to activate the local church to do the same. We hope that you will join us by giving, praying, and going until all have heard and Jesus returns triumphant for a spotless bride.

Ministry Outreach in Minneapolis


A city-wide outreach that combines day and night worship and prayer for an entire week with outreach launching every few hours into different parts of the Twin Cities followed by extensive follow up and discipleship of new believers. This is an amazing way to take a mission trip to our own city for a week and partner with many local churches to reach our cities.

Mission Trips in Saint Paul


Take a group from your local church on a short-term immersion experience to another major city in America where they will be able to experience church day and night for an entire week. From throne room worship your team will be sent to different neighborhoods all over the city to engage people Jesus loves with the Kingdom of God. No one will come home the same, but they will be activated to continue a lifestyle of intimacy and mission here in the Twin Cities.

Mission Work in Saint Paul


We have a dozen weekly outreaches going on throughout the Twin Cities between the FIREBASE and partner ministries and each of these is an amazing opportunity for believers to grow in Spirit-led evangelism and discipleship. Unless believers make outreach a discipline in their lives for a season it is highly unlikely, they will ever walk as lifestyle missionaries. Weekly outreach is the training wheels for lifestyle mission.