One of the ways we activate the local church into mission is by leading short-term mission trips to other major cities in America. These trips allow you to have an immersion experience in day and night intimacy and mission without the distractions of trying to do a mission trip where you live. They also impart faith for salvation, healing, and deliverance to happen in America. Check out one of these short-term mission trips available in the coming year.


Are you ready to get back to the simple Gospel? Love Dallas is part of a grassroots movement focused on intimacy with Jesus and proclaiming His message. Join us for a lifestyle immersion into the Kingdom and see a city transformed one soul at a time.


The citywide church is gathering to engage the heart of God in worship and prayer and out of His presence going forth and engaging our culture with acts of love and the proclamation of gospel truth. Love New Orleans is an opportunity for the church to experience the book of Acts and to grow in hunger to live a lifestyle of intimacy and mission. To do what we were made to do – to know God and make Him known throughout New Orleans.